These Content Guidelines are applicable to all users (“User,” “You,” or “Your”) who access Hunch (“Hunch,” “We,” “Us,” “Our,” and “Company”) from anywhere in the world, to ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone. 

1. Definition and Key Terms

2. Restricted/Prohibited Content

  1. Harassment, Threatening or Bullying   
  2. Violent Content
  3. Attacking Marginalised or Vulnerable Groups of People
  4. Misinformation
  5. Spam
  6. Posting Someone’s Private or Personal Information
  7. Intimate or Sexually Explicit Media of Someone Without Their Consent
  8. Sexual or Suggestive Content Involving Minors
  9. Impersonation of an Individual or an Entity in a Misleading or Deceptive Manner
  10. Transactions Involving Prohibited Goods or Services

3. Do not break the Platform

1. Definitions and Key Terms

  1. “Hunch” shall include the Company and any of its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates or any related companies including their respective successors and assigns.
  2. “Platform” means Our website or Our mobile application.
  3. “Users” refers to the individuals who are allowed to use the Platform in accordance with the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Content Guidelines provided by Hunch.
  4. “Services” means the services provided via the Platform by the Company.
  5. “Content Guideline” or “Guidelines” means a written statement or set of instructions that Our Users must follow while creating Content regarding polls on Our Platform.
  6. “Content” is defined as the text, links, graphics, photos, videos, audio, streams, or other materials available on the Platform.

2. Restricted/Prohibited Content

  1. Harassment, Threatening or Bullying
    We do not tolerate any Content which promotes harassment, threatening or bullying, nor do We tolerate polls dedicated to this behaviour.
    Being annoying, or disagreeing with someone, even strongly, is not harassment. However, threatening someone, directing abuse at a person or group, following them around the Platform, encouraging others to do any of these actions, or otherwise behaving in a way that would discourage a reasonable person from participating in Hunch is not permitted.

  2.  Violent Content
    We do not allow the posting of Content which encourages, incites, glorifies or calls for physical harm or violence against an individual, a group of people or abuse against animals.
    You may post Content which refers to violence under limited and reasonable circumstances such as for education, news, art, satire, etc. that does not violate these Guidelines. Please ensure You provide sufficient warning to the User, if You feel that the Content may refer to violence.
    The following content would be considered a violation of this clause:

    i. Content related to terrorism and propaganda.
    ii. Graphical images or videos depicting violence without any proper context.
    iii. Content relating to the use or making of weapons.
    iv. Photos or videos showing how to commit a crime, instructions on self-harm or ways to commit suicide.

  3. Attacking Marginalised or Vulnerable Groups of People
    We do not allow targeting marginalized or vulnerable groups including but not limited to groups based on their caste, race, religion, color, place of origin, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability or immigration status and also includes victims of a major event and their family members.
    Some examples that violate include:

    i. A poll or comment regarding a minority community describing them as inferior to the majority.
    ii. A poll or comment arguing that assault on women is acceptable and not a crime.
    iii. A poll or comment mocking a particular class of people.

  4. Misinformation
    We do not allow any information where it is likely to directly contribute to the risk of imminent physical harm. We also remove Content that is likely to directly contribute to interference with the functioning of political processes and certain highly deceptive manipulated media. Please note that all health-related misinformation like COVID-19 and its treatment that poses a significant risk of physical harm is also prohibited.

  5. Spam
    Spam refers to unwanted, repeated and unsolicited actions that are manual or automated and affects the Platform and Users negatively. This is a violation of Our Terms of Use and Content Guidelines and can lead to account suspension or termination.
    To avoid being labelled as a spammer, You are requested to post authentic Content only and should avoid posting Content that is intended to deceive or mislead others, to increase viewership and engagement. Also, You should avoid posting about links to Groups, Pages, Events or Content which requires or claims that Users are required to engage with Content before they are able to interact with the promised Content.
    Some examples that violate this include:

    i. Repeatedly posting the same/similar Content.
    ii. Posting about off-links or unrelated Content repeatedly.
    iii. Links to harmful Content like malware, phishing, and bots in order to cause harm to the Platform.

  6. Posting Someone’s Private or Personal Information
    We do not allow sharing of Content that contains personal information or link to personal information that carries personally identifiable information like identification numbers, government identity proofs, or revealing digital identities like email IDs, passwords, or pins. This also includes links to third-party pages and screenshots which depicts the digital identity. Public figures are an exception to this Guideline by sharing links to publically available profiles but do not allow harassment or vigilantism.

  7. Intimate or Sexually Explicit Media of Someone Without Their Consent
    It is necessary to respect the privacy of every person by keeping in mind that by posting a picture or video of someone can cause a great impact on their reputation and We do not allow sharing of intimate or sexually explicit media of a person without their permission being posted in any form on Our Platform. This also includes depictions including real/ fake photos or videos, descriptions, calls for action, and mocking victims of the same and applies to leaked, stolen or privately shared images or videos. Also, Content which attempts to exploit a person by sharing, threatening to share, asking for favours, or sharing secretly taken images of a persons’ sexualised body parts or of the person engaged in sexual activity is prohibited.
    Some examples that violate this clause include:

    i. Topless image of someone taken without their consent or permission.
    ii. Privately shared photos reshared with anyone other than the intended recipient in order to threaten, humiliate, extort, or cause harm.
    iii. Sharing nude shots of a celebrity that they do not want to be circulated publically.
    iv. Coercing a person for favour or money with a threat to expose their intimate images.

  8. Sexual or Suggestive Content Involving Minors
    You are not allowed to post Content on polls regarding any activity that sexually exploits or endangers children including child pornography and related Content that encourage paedophilia or anything that mocks the victims of child sexual exploitation by their name or images. Content regarding children in a sexual fetish context or with sexual elements like focus on genitals, stripping, sex toys, sexualised costumes etc. is prohibited.

  9. Impersonation of an Individual or an Entity in a Misleading or Deceptive Manner
    You are not allowed to use the Platform to impersonate any individual or entity, falsely state or otherwise misrepresent Your affiliation with any person or entity, or to create a false identity for the purpose of misleading others. Without limiting the foregoing, You may not use invalid or forged headers, invalid or non-existent domain names or other means of deceptive addressing.

  10. Transactions Involving Prohibited Goods or Services
    For the safety of Our Users and to deter any potentially harmful activities, We do not allow the Platform to be used to facilitate or solicit any transaction to purchase, sell, gift, or transfer goods and services, including

    i. Firearms, ammunition, explosives or 3D printing files to produce any of the aforementioned
    ii. Drugs, including non-medical drugs like alcohol and tobacco, or any other controlled substances
    iii. Human Blood
    iv. Historical artefacts
    v. Hazardous goods and materials
    vi. Endangered species like wildlife and plants or live non-endangered animals excluding livestock
    vii. Paid services involving physical sexual contact
    viii. Stolen goods
    ix. Personal information
    x. Falsified official documents or currency
    xi. Fraudulent services

    When considering a gift or transaction of goods or services not prohibited by this, keep in mind that Hunch is not intended to be used as a marketplace and takes no responsibility for any transactions individual Users might decide to undertake in spite of this Guideline.

3. Do not break the Platform

You are not allowed to do anything which will cause interference with the usual working of the Platform. By doing any action like introducing malicious code or making it difficult for others to access the Platform by creating any program violating the API or assisting any person to misuse it in any way is prohibited.

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