Photo Guide

Your pictures tell your story. Here’s your guide to choosing the best one.

Why upload a photo?

Uploading a photo on a Hunch is essential for creating a genuine and engaging profile. It helps to establish trust and authenticity, as users are more likely to interact with profiles that display real images.

A well-chosen photo can showcase your personality, interests, and style, giving potential matches a glimpse of who you are. It also enhances the overall experience by making the app more vibrant and relatable. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, and in the Hunch world, it can be the key to making meaningful connections.

Tips for choosing the perfect photo:

  • Use a recent solo photo that clearly shows your face
  • Choose a picture that represents your current appearance
  • Avoid group photos or images without you in them
  • Steer clear of filters or excessive editing that alters your look
  • Make sure the photo is well-lit and in focus
  • Select an image that makes you feel confident and authentic

What to avoid:

  • Hateful, discriminatory, or violent content
  • Nudity or partially nude images
  • Illegal activities or copyrighted material
  • Pictures of objects or landscapes without you in them

We do not store, share, or use your picture for any other purpose. Your privacy and anonymity are our top priorities.

If you have any questions or need assistance with uploading a photo, don’t hesitate to reach out to We’re here to help you create an avatar that represents the real you and connects you with like-minded individuals in a safe, anonymous space.

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