Hunch is about discovery. We value authenticity, spontaneity, and kindness, and we are proud to offer a platform that empowers users like you to share a glimpse into your real life and discover that of your friends. We want Hunch to be a place where people can have fun and express themselves while feeling safe. 

Our Community Standards are designed to help ensure that you, and all our users, use our services safely, and they must be taken seriously. They are part of our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy (together the “User Agreement”). If you don’t agree with any part of the User Agreement, including the Community Standards, then it might be that Hunch isn’t for you. 

The Community Standards are really just a collection of things that could be thought of as being respectful to other people. Basically, if you’re doing something that you would not want other people to do to you on Hunch, then you’re probably violating the Community Standards. But just in case you’re not sure, here is a list:

Bullying, Abuse, and Harassment: You may not share content that seeks to or does bully, abuse or harass people, whether they are other users or non-users. 

Child Sexual Exploitation: Child exploitation is strictly forbidden, and Hunch has zero tolerance towards any content that contains or promotes child sexual exploitation. 

Hateful Content: You may not share content that is hateful towards people or organizations. 

Illegal Activity: You may not share content that promotes or causes illegal activity.  

Intellectual Property: You may not share content that violates others’ intellectual property.

Non-Consensual Nudity: Non-consensual nudity is strictly forbidden, and Hunch has zero tolerance towards any content that contains or promotes non-consensual nudity. 

Non-Public Personal Information: You may not share content that includes other people’s nonpublic personal information without their consent.  

Suicide and Self-Harm: You may not share content that promotes, encourages, or glorifies suicide or self-harm. 

Violent Content: You may not share content that is threatening, inciting, glorifying, or expressing a desire for violence or harm. 

How to make a report

You can report any violation of these Community Standards directly through the reporting tools in the Hunch application or through our web form here. The Hunch Support Team will review the report and reply if needed. We may use your contact information, including your username, full name, and email address, to get in contact with you.  

If you are not reporting content through the reporting tools in the Hunch application, you should screenshot the content or account that you believe violates the Community Standards.

What happens after you make a report?

Any behavior, activity, or content that we believe is contrary to the Community Standards may be sanctioned, either temporarily or permanently. 

We have the right to monitor the content and the use of the App, at any time, and at our discretion, in order to verify compliance with the Community Standards and the Terms of Use. Our decision as to whether there is a violation of the Community Standards is final. Luckily, all of this should remain exceptional if you comply with the Community Standards.

Nevertheless, if you consider that a decision taken against you is unfair, you have the opportunity to contest it by writing to us.

That’s it for now. Enjoy being real!

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