Would it be weird to date your sibling’s ex?

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So, picture this, my friends. I'm sitting there, minding my own business, when my elder brother barges into the room and makes a comfortable seat for himself just right beside me! Phew! I am talking to this girl on Insta DM who I matched with on Tinder a week back and he sneaks on our chat (no sense of boundary, I tell you). Then, he exclaims "Bhaiiii, how dafuq do you know this chick?". I found it a little invasive but told him we matched on Tinder and I really liked her. At this, he facepalms himself and tells him that is his ex. They broke up a few months ago. I was dumbstruck! Just to defuse the tension, I chimed in with, "Well, at least we know the family's taste in partners is consistent!" But we were both weirded out by this whole scenario. I really like this girl and I think we have something going on. But this entire situation just makes me a little comfortable. What do you think?

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Recipe for disaster
Sibling code: violated
Go for it!
Love conquers all
Isn’t this incest?
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I think you should go for it if sibling's ex is interested...

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Only if your sibling is okay with it

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le muslim .🙉

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Sibling code: violated, but hey, who needs a code when you can have drama? 🙃

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U have no idea💀

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