Taking career advice from the past generation is actually bad?

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So Here's What I think: Fs the past generation has a lotta true experience and have seen many careers in their time, but, the thing is that careers are ever changing even if they're still named the same. Like their advice would have been very useful in the past but now they haven't seen the present career options available and their thinking is actually narrow for that.

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Nah, That's not true.
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Taking career advice from the past generation is like following a map in a world of GPS navigation. Sure it might get you somewhere, but you’ll miss out on all the exciting detours and shortcuts

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It's good to take advice. But I am not saying to follow the same from the past generation! As they might know latest career options but as us new generation we can do more research on it. Go for a advice then do research work! It will not hurt anyone it just like gaining more knowledge...

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Generation gap is a thing and that gap exists in every present aspect of life.

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don't know about career advice but life lessons 🔥

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Work life balance ho bas or gar sirf Paisa chahiye to balance to bhul jao

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