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She is the biggest tease ever do you agree?
She is the biggest tease ever do you agree?
41 hunches
Fuck yeah she is
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Nah nah

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Wouldnt know

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Don't who it is so I can't make that call.

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40/m/nc who's pretty and single in nc
32 hunches
Almost single
Bout to slide me a #
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Hmm what is one of these things you can see yourself doing 😜
97 hunches
Murder 😐
Submitting to someone
Or whatever I want🥴
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One of these is not like the others ŌwÔ

168d ago Reply


My Snapchat is bub.forever don't be afraid to add me 🥴. Lesbian btw

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Who would eat a pussy or cum flavored lollipops?
Who would eat a pussy or cum flavored lollipops?
30 hunches
Pussy flavored!!!
Cum flavored!!!!
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I don’t know what pussy taste like and cum doesn’t have a distinguished taste so a cum flavored popsicle would not taste very good because it wouldn’t taste like much so I’m gonna have to IDK probably take neither . I’ll just take like green apple or something.

95d ago Reply


I'm going to have to go with what @theunknown33 said and chose green apple as well.

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Add my snapJ.kolo22
Add my snapJ.kolo22
33 hunches
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Shaggy!? Where's scoob?

133d ago Reply

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I'm just curious to know if I was SAed... so TW

I am not sure if this was what washappening, but it was creepy. I wasaround the age of 9 or 10 and h e was 12or 13 ish. We did weird things, IEwrapping a rope around my lower body like a harness or leash but I was innocent and didn't realize that it could have been sexual. I am still not 100% sure. But one day, I was laying down in his little brother's room, and he kept on trying to look at my abs. He pulled my shirt up higher than my abs though. I kept pushing it back down. He didn't stop until I pointed out the fact that he was getting really close to showing my (nonexistent at the time) boobs. He was on top of me during this, I was wearing sweatpants and a t shirt. I'm not sure what was happening, but it made me very uncomfortable. I am not 100% Sure he was trying to pull anything, but he didget in a lot of trouble 2 years later fornot listening when this girl said no the first time. He was lucky that she didn't press charges. ... read more

15 hunches
Yes, you were
No, stop being stupid
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Dude needed to chill or pay for sex if he wanted it that bad. Honestly you should had kick his ball to teach him consent is needed foolish girl. Sorry my asshole came out

51d ago Reply

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Do you think a girl should be working on vehicles?
50 hunches
No they don't
yes for sure
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What's wrong with that?

134d ago Reply


I do it all the time. If I don't who will? Most men don't know how to change a tire. Better to know how then not know how. My father taught me

134d ago Reply


It's up to them. If they love cars, they can

134d ago Reply

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Am I overreacting?

Since I was little I've always wanted to have a normal looking happy family, both of my parents are drug addiction who gave me up at birth to my nonnie and her fiance. My nonnie is amazing and I love her but her fiance always made sexual comments towards me and whenever I would get sick and go to sleep with my nonnie he would tell me when I woke up how he rubbed my 🍒 to see if I was actually asleep. As I got older I stayed away from him and we argued more even getting physical, my nonnie always took his side no matter if he hit me or what he did. Long story short be died and my nonnie had a mental breakdown making her lock me out of the house until I called my uncle and he took her to the hospital. After that I now stay with my uncle and aunt along with their 4 kids ( boy 3,girl 1, boy 17 ). They have a fairly big house but when I mov3d in there wasn't a room for me so I had to and still do sleep on the couch where I have no privacy and always have people around me. My cousin the oldest who is 17, said me a couple of years ago when I was 11 and he was 14. I've lived with them for almost a year now and I still don't feel like this is my home, I sleep on the couch and am rarely included In family activities. They do small things like going out as a family without me, going to eat without me, all that. It bothers me but I usually brush it off considering I am infact not one of their kids. Yesterday we had dinner and I noticed how I sat at one end of the table and they all sat away from me, no big deal I just left ir alone until today my uncle had told me that I would make sphagetti and we would have it today, so I made sphagetti and waited for them to get home until I find out they called my cousin and told him to come to the resteraunt they were at to eat and did not call me. I may be overreacting but idk, are they leaving me out or am I overreacting? ... read more

45 hunches
Yes u r being left out
No u r overreacting
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Damn. You need some heavy alcohol

98d ago Reply


As someone with a normal looking family, it's not always as nice as it sounds. That being said, from what you've shared, you are not being, and have not been, treated well by anyone You've lived with up to this point. I would try not to take it too personally, and move out as soon as you are able. Possibly look into becoming legally emancipated if you feel like it would be more beneficial for you to be living on your own. If you can't have a "normal" happy family right now, work towards making one for yourself, the family you choose is often better then the one you're born into. Besides, there is no such thing as a "normal" family anyway, because the American average has been 2.5 kids, and I don't know anyone who's half a person.

100d ago Reply


This is awful!

85d ago Reply


The best solution and I think option for yourself is to just do you. Fuck everyone else. Focus on yourself girl. Grow into a better person that they'll ever be. BE the better person in that bloodline.

85d ago Reply


I'm not reading all that lol 😆

97d ago Reply

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How long after a breakup should I be able to find someone else
25 hunches
Couple days
A week
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R u emo?
37 hunches
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If I said that I like girls, I'd only be half right.

97d ago Reply

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