How would you react if you got a female cab driver?

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Last week, I booked a cab and the driver was female. I was tempted to cancel it, simply because I didn’t believe she would be able to drive very well, but I didn’t cancel out of curiosity. She ended up being extremely polite, efficient and skilled. I gave her a 5 star review.

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Cancel, safety first
I would take the cab
I prefer female driver
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Why does this gender thing matter in every single day -to-day thing 🤌😩

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cab koi b chlaye bus papa ki pari na chlaye...🥲

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Call my partner and take her permission first

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Well, in this I will like to contribute my thoughts. Gender issues? Why? Then, I can say that boys in kitchen omg! Why male chef is in the kitchen? Males don't belong to kitchen.....

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Ummmm.... This is just normal, she earned that driver title and I've grown up playing nfs and all and they had female characters who gave me a tough competition, and I'm not being fictional here because those games reflect the real world in some ways as well😇

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