How to overcome this addiction?

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I think I am addicted to ordering from Zomato. With some disposable cash and the Zomato gold subscription, I think I have just lost control. Its been ages since I last went to the hostel mess. Is there any hope for me?

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Delete the app
Go to mess for a meal
There’s no hope
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Turn off the zomato notifications, find a mess group whom you can join for a meal, and there you go.

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Food. Normally addiction can be treated by it being associated with something you dislike but I will not advice you to use the method as it can very well fuck up your relationship with food itself, I'm no expert but I've been through the same thing and it was really hard to stop. I would say start cooking for yourself(a kettle or induction can help), get a vendor of your selection, don't renew the subscription and give yourself targets of not ordering. Like if i don't order for a week I'll get to have one meal of my choice ordered in on the eighth day. Among a few things you can do.

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Who needs hope when you have food? Mess for a meal, problem solved! 🍲

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Just try to get away from this addiction slowly. First try to delete the app or shut down the notification....if u order twice a day then make it once a day only......after a while make it once a week.....then slowly once in two weeks.........u will gradually get use to this new habit and your addiction will be gone.

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