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Hello! Millenial seeking true loveOld school romance sought.Share Insta ?

I thought I had found my forever love, but fate had other plans. A girl I trusted and loved with all my heart broke my trust and cheated on me. The pain was unbearable, and moving on seemed impossible. Years went by, but the scars remained. I tried to fill the void with temporary connections, but nothing seemed to stick. As time passed, I realized that the world had changed. Casual relationships and one-night stands had become the norm. Genuine love and romance seemed like a distant memory. I longed for the simplicity of hand-in-hand strolls in the park, vibing with someone on a deeper level. But I refused to give up on love. I took a step back, reflected on my experiences, and began to heal. I learned to appreciate the little things and to cherish true connections. I realized that real love isn't about grand gestures or fleeting moments; it's about finding someone who shares your values and embraces the beauty of everyday life. Now, I'm not looking for a temporary escape or a superficial high. I'm searching for someone who shares my passion for life, my sense of humor, and my love for adventure. I want to hold hands, watch sunsets, and laugh together until our sides ache. In a world that often prioritizes instant gratification over meaningful connections, I'm holding out for something real. I believe that true love still exists, and I'm willing to wait for it. If you're looking for a partner in crime who values love, laughter, and life's simple joys, let's connect and see where the journey takes us ... read more

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Bhai kaam pe dhyan deh
I know it hurts
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