Guys, how do you deal with fussy uber drivers?

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I was travelling from Vasant Kunj to Rajouri Garden but the driver said “madam rajouri nahi jaunga, janakpuri chaloge toh batao.” Like what even? The driver will tell ki maam idhar tak jaunga and now I have to decide whether I wanna go there or not?😂

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I hate this sm
Me as an uber driver
They have god complex
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Get a licence and apply for uber, become his colleague and pretend to "learn" from him. Ask a trillion questions, when he gets upset about answering report him to the establishment of not maintaining a supportive work environment.

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Disconnect the call, cancel the cab, escalate to uber, book ola and move on with life.

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just walk yo

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Just threaten him to give him poor reviews and feedback and if still he doesn't agrees. Cancel and report.

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Ugh, dealing with fussy uber drivers is like trying to solve a Rubik's cube blindfolded! 🙄

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