Do you think it's hard to find "true love" these days?

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Do you think it's hard to find true love these days? People now a days are mostly prioritising "hook up culture" and casual stuffs over the serious thing.

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Yes, it's hard asf
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What is true love?πŸ€”
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Life is moving too fast, and in the process our judgement of people can be trembling, the ones who do want to commit are either met with false commitments or infatuation of the other person. Trust is a hard one, you never know what the other person is thinking or feeling, they can be bored of you but never say it directly to your face. It's definitely hard but remember there's always a person for you in this world.

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The thing is, true love exists everywhere. What we lack is self love for ourselves. If we have self-love and grateful for everything and the life itself, we will feel the boundless love around us. Don't expect anything and don't be greedy. You will find true love thenπŸ™

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There's no such thing as true love in the mordern day world.

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I am also into hookups but it's just for fun but that if we started vibing together and started caring together then we can fall in love...... People just fall in love no matter the situation the place or the time it just happens anytime. If i am into hookups it doesn't mean i cant love

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Fall for someone is easy make it complete is hard find a true a partner it is really hard πŸ’”

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