Can I cure homosexuality if I attend therapy?

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I came out of the closet to my parents and they have been shell-shocked by this piece of information. They are trying to make me understand that is curable. Now, I know it is not a disease but deep inside (after having faced so much bullying for being homo), I want to believe I can be turned straight. I just don’t know how! They are turning me into therapy from next week. Do you think that can cure my homosexuality.

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Don’t be delusional
Yes, give it a try
They need therapy
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Try it. A therapist may open some doors for you. As this generation is brainwashed into alot of things nothing can be said for sure.

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Dear Homo, there is no such thing as Homo, get yourself treated and live a life like a man not gay.

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Haha, therapy can't change who we are! Embrace the rainbow 🌈

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heyo, it's completely fine to be gay, there's nothing wrong with it, and no, most of the time conversion therapies end up giving you repressed trauma and you'll not be able to live as yourself, it is your identity and you should own up to it, it is very difficult to stand up to everyone when you live in a country this conservative and homophobic, just find urself some peace and try to move into a city where homosexuality is more prevalent, you'll feel at home then, stand up to your bullies and talk to your parents, try to make them understand and do whats best you, do what your heart says

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Just hit to gym and maybe you can cure your thoughts

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